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Our Products

Charcuterie Boards

Our charcuterie boards are made fresh-to-order and are delivered, ready to unwrap and enjoy!

Grazey Board

Serves: Approximately 4-8 guests. (12" X 16")
Our Grazey Boards are great for small gatherings!
Enjoy this option while enjoying the company of small groups of friends or family.


Primary Board

Serves: Approximately 10 guests. (12" X 24")
This is our most popular option.
It is a great appetizer for any occasion.


Party Board

Serves: Approximately 20 guests. (24" diameter)
Our Party Boards are a perfect option between our grazing tables and our grazing boards. Convenient like our grazing boards and show stoppers like our grazing tables.


Mini Boards

Minimum Order of 2 Boards. (8" X 12")
They make a perfect gift! One for them and one for you!
Our Mini Boards are ideal for two!
You can order 2 directly online or email us to order more than 2.


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