Mini boards

Our Mini Boards are ideal for two!

If you are looking for a unique date idea, this board is perfect for you.

Only available: Monday - Thursday

Price: $70 (8" X 12")

Grazey boards

Our Grazey Boards are great for small gatherings! Enjoy this option while

enjoying the company of small groups of friends or family.

Serves: Approximately 4-8 guests.

Price: $135 (12" X 16")

lily board

What's better than quality time with friends and family during the spring season? How about enjoying our delicious and beautiful Lily Board with friends and family during the spring season!!
Price: $140 (14" diameter)

Primary boards

This is our most popular option.

It is a great appetizer for any occasion.

Serves: Approximately 10 guests.

Price: $165 (12" X 24")

party boards

Our Party Boards are a perfect option between our grazing tables and our grazing boards. Convenient like our grazing boards and show stoppers like our grazing tables.

Serves: Approximately 20 guests.

Price: $250 (24" diameter)

Special request Boards

Options: No Meat, No Cheese, No Nuts, No Fruit... No Problem!

Served on a board size of your choice.

Pricing and size varies.

Craze Crates

Our Crates are the latest craze! Perfect grab-n-go option for office parties, banquets, holiday parties, etc. Individual crates are perfect for enjoying good food with good people while maintaining social distance.
Minimum Order of 12 Crates. $20/crate. Call, text or DM to place your order.

(4" X 4" Rustic Wood Boxes) 

Small Grazing table

This size is perfect for more intimate gatherings such as Birthdays, Engagements, Bridal Showers, House Warmings, Baby Showers and more. Our grazing tables can be tailored to fit the needs of your event.

Price: $450 - $600.

wedding Grazing table

Grazing tables create a beautiful and memorable experience for your guests.

They are the ideal appetizer during cocktail hour and can be customized to your needs.

Price: $850 - $1,500

serenity board

If words can't describe how important your mom is to you, hopefully this beautiful Serenity Board can help. Served on a round wood piece and wrapped in a white carton, this option is elegant and delicious. (For some quality time alone)
Price: $125 (12" diameter)

diamond board

Mother's Day is the day we show how grateful we are for everything our moms do for us. What better way to show that than with the beautiful Diamond Board. The hexagon board can be repurposed by mom after she's done feasting. (For some quality time with family)

Price: $175 (12" X 12" X 4.25")