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Charcuterie Boards

Our charcuterie boards are made fresh-to-order and are delivered, ready to unwrap and enjoy!


Serves: Approximately 4-8 guests. (12" X 16") Our Grazey Boards are great for small gatherings! Enjoy this option while enjoying the company of small groups of friends or family.


Grazey Board

Image of Grazey Board


Serves: Approximately 10 guests. (12" X 24") This is our most popular option. It is a great appetizer for any occasion.


Primary Board

Image of Primary Board


Serves: Approximately 20 guests. (24" diameter) Our Party Boards are a perfect option between our grazing tables and our grazing boards. Convenient like our grazing boards and show stoppers like our grazing tables.


Party Board

Image of Party Board


Minimum Order of 2 Boards. (8" X 12") They make a perfect gift! One for them and one for you! Our Mini Boards are ideal for two! You can order 2 directly online or email us to order more than 2.


Mini Boards

Image of Mini Boards

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